Donors are an important part of many causes. One such cause now is the preservation, revival and promotion of Igbo language and culture. Often times, individuals are unable to finance certain events on their own. As a result, Donors make things happen by financially donating to promote the causes of interest to them. Each Donor is an  individual with a big heart, generousity and magnamity to alleviate sufferings or setbacks in a given society.

It is no surprize to any well meaning "Onye Igbo" that Igbo language and culture are becoming extinct in an alarming and disheartening rate. Consequently, Native Tongue Academy (NTA) is looking for generous "Donors" who are supportive of the noble efforts of promoting Igbo Language and culture so that it can be resurrected from the jaws of extinction for the future generation of Ndigbo to bequeath.

Native Tongue Academy is looking for individuals or corporate "DONORS" willing to donate money to assist many Igbo children who are interested to learn the Igbo language and culture, but may be financially handicapped. In return , Native Tongue Academy will be able to setup a rate reduction for interested people to learn Igbo lnaguage and Culture.

An individual donor can donate as much as possible. However please note, Native Tongue Academy(NTA) is not a not-for-profit entity. NTA needs financial assistance to be able to support the preservation, revival and promotion of Igbo Language and Culture becuase all other efforts are non existent or abysmal.


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