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There are thirty six letter sounds in Igbo alphabets, ten (10) more than the English alphabets. Some letter sounds have more than one letter and some others are distinguished by additional characterization, usually a dot or an accent to emphasize the differences in sounds between two identical letters. There are sounds in Igbo language which cannot be replicated in English because of the absence of similar sounds in the English Language.  An example is "gb" in "Igbo". "gb" sounds like  "gbom"the beginning sound produced when an empty closed vessel is hit. Another example is  as in AỤ (Bee), a throat sound that is very close to "ing" as used in "fishing" Another  is "NY" which is not a short form of New York. But part of the word for the eye (ANYA) as in Sonia. Many other examples can be found throughout the Igbo Language.

Touch or Place Cursor on "LISTEN" below  to hear the  36  Igbo Alphabets displaced in Table 1 


LISTEN36 Igbo Alphabets




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                                                          Table 1

TOUCH THE EACK WORD IN BLUE COLOR TO REVEAL THE IMAGE (Metu ihe edere ed nacha bulu ka ihu enyonuo)


A a 

AKwụkwọ  Book

B b

Boọlụ  Ball 

CH ch

Chineke  God 

D d


Dọkinta  Doctor

E e


Eze  Teeth

F f 


Felie  Fly Up

G g


Gaa  Walkk


GB gb


Gbaa  Shoot

GH gh


Ghọta  Pluck

GW gw


Gwuo  Swim


H h


Hie  Sleep

I i


Ichoku  Parrot

Ị ị


Ịgba  Drum


J j


Ji  Yam

K k


Karama  Bottle


KP kp


Kpakpando  Star


KW kw


Kwọta  Carry

L l


Lampu  Lamp

M m


Mma  Knife 

N n


Nne  Mother

Ṅ ṅ


Nụọ  Drink

NW nw


Nwa  Child


NY ny


Nye  Give

O o


Oke  Rat

Ọ ọ

Ọka  Corn

P p

Pelu  Pail/Bucket

R r 

Rula  Ruler


S s


Saa  Brush/Wash


SH sh


Sheeti  Sheet

T t


Taa  Chew 

U u


Une  Banana


Ụ ụ


Ụlọ/Ụnọ  House 

V v


Vọọ  Comb

W w


Waya  Wire


Y y


Yabaasị  Onions

Z z


Zaa  Sweep

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